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Automation Control / PLC / CNC


New Systems

MMS has the expertise and resources to design, build, program and install automation and control systems. We offer the complete solution:


Our engineers work close with the customer to ensure the product meets and exceeds their expectations. Our systems are engineered using high quality design software. MMS can offer the following as part of a full system design:


At MMS we do all of our own panel building and fabrication. Our systems are typically powered up and tested in-house before installation. We strictly follow the National Electrical Code (NEC) and any standards specified by our customers.


MMS has the ability to develop programs for a wide variety of platforms. These include, but are not limited to:


MMS follows through with their work. Our skilled electricians and engineers work any shift to get the job done. Again, at MMS we strictly follow the National Electrical Code (NEC) and any standards specified by our customers.

Existing Systems

When a machine is down, we know that time is critical. MMS responds to emergency situations to get you up and running. We also specialize in preventative measures to help avoid machine failure.

Obsolete Machines

Older machines may have outdated or obsolete drives or components. MMS can replace these potential problem causing parts with new off-the-shelf devices, making your machine more reliable.

Service Calls / Troubleshooting

MMS has a speedy response time. We have many different trades that work together to solve your problem.

Program / Parameter Backup

Sometimes when electrical components fail the integrity of a systems’ memory can be compromised. When this happens, program and parameter backups are critical. MMS can backup and store offsite your machine’s programs, parameters and applications.

Reverse Engineering

MMS can reverse engineer most systems or machines. This can be especially helpful when machines become old and obsolete.


MMS can retrofit machine tools with no or old controls. We specialize in fully integrating Fanuc CNC controls. For more information please see our Retrofit page.