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Ballbar / Laser


Telescopic Ballbar Analysis

Manufacturers recognize the need to perform preventive and predictive maintenance on critical machinery, but fail to dedicate the time and resources necessary to execute such programs. The Telescopic Ballbar Analysis is a non-invasive procedure which can be performed quickly, which makes it very cost-effective. MMS uses Renishaw Telescoping Ballbar equipment to dynamically evaluate machine tools for mechanical integrity, geometric condition and electronic performance and tuning.

The results are analyzed and organized in an easy to understand report that includes recommended corrective actions. Ideally, the Telescopic Ballbar Analysis can be utilized as a predictive tool when performed on a periodic schedule. Over time, MMS can trend the data collected, monitoring for unfavorable changes that will forewarn of impending failures before they occur. With an MMS Ballbar Analysis, vital information is available in less than three hours, with subsequent tests taking even less time. Telescopic Ballbar Analysis can benefit you in the following situations:

New / rebuilt machine tool acceptance

New products or designs changes

After a crash

As a preventive/predictive maintenance tool

Machine moves

Laser Alignment Service

Over 40% of scrap parts are caused by misalignment of production machinery. With the proper testing and expertise, the majority of these errors can be easily corrected.

Utilizing state-of-the-art Renishaw interferometer laser equipment, MMS Laser Alignment Service provides an evaluation, and calibration on the mechanical integrity of machine tools. During the evaluation, we develop an initial machine profile that provides the footprint necessary to identify the appropriate actions required to ensure parts quality and peak performance of your equipment.

Machine Tool Laser Calibration (Pitch Error Compensation) and Backlash Compensation is a simple and straightforward process only a few things need to be taken into consideration.

At your request, MMS will provide machine alignment and control compensation or assist your maintenance personnel in making adjustments to improve your machine’s capability. When corrections are complete, we generate an “after compensation profile” to confirm the accuracy of the machine.

Being able to physically adjust a machine to eliminate errors is only part of the value of our Laser Alignment Services. The other aspect is developing the machine characterization, which is a profile of a machine’s limitations, so you can work with them to produce good parts efficiently. With this information, you can define sweet spots for highest accuracy; avoid areas of large repeatable errors; and take full advantage of the machines compensation capabilities.

A periodic calibration program can detect machine problems before they cause critical failures. The benefits of early detection can save thousands of dollars in machine repair costs and lost production time, while eliminating scrap and the reduction of reworks.

Laser Alignment Services is just one of the Field Services offered by MMS. Manufacturing maintenance is our core competency. We provide cost-effective, quality based maintenance services throughout the U.S. on a project or contractual basis.