Maintaining Efficient and Reliable production equipment and machinery is a key profit driver for any Manufacturer. Schedule optimization, on time delivery, product quality, and direct labor productivity are all greatly impacted by your maintenance team performance. Successful JIT and Lean manufacturing are nearly impossible to manage without reliable equipment. Unfortunately, changing the plant maintenance culture and implementing best industry maintenance practices is a difficult, time consuming process where more companies fail than succeed.

Now you can guarantee high performance equipment reliability throughout your factory with MMS Contract Maintenance. MMS is experienced in most types of industrial manufacturing that includes MACHINE TOOL, GRINDING, FOOD PROCESSING, PHARMACEUTICAL, PACKAGING, HEAT TREAT, ASSEMBLY and MORE. Contract maintenance can save your enterprise money by improving production efficiency and keeping expenses flexible to fit demand needs. MMS also offeres packages of different sizes. Call us now to explain your needs.

MMS offers complete wall to wall maintenance for your entire facility, including machines, process and assembly equipment, building, grounds, and utilities.

MMS managers are well versed in Six-Sigma and other “Lean” strategies, as well as project planning. MMS has a diverse in-house staff of engineers and technicians to add value to our contract services.

MMS will implement the following in your facility to improve efficiencies:

Through experience, knowledge, tools, and dedication, MMS will improve the “Overall Equipment Effectiveness” (OEE) of your capital equipment. The improved production efficiency and quality will flow directly to your bottom line.