Manufacturing Maintenance Solutions, Inc. (MMS), is made up of Grandmothers, Mothers, Grandfathers, Fathers, pet owners, race car builders, musicians, radio operators, sports fans, volunteers, and the list goes on. We are made up of people with diverse backgrounds, who come together every day committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Each member of the MMS Team brings years of experience in their field and knowledge from their everyday lives. The MMS Team functions as a fully engaged, highly skilled, customer focused machine.

The MMS machine is maintained daily with safety talking points, keeping our team and customers healthy and safe. The MMS machine is also maintained through both required and voluntary learning, through courses and daily maintenance tips. This promotes our ability and devotion to work through challenges and obstacles inherent to maintaining automated manufacturing equipment. The results are the highest quality work performed, resulting in improved equipment performance, and unmatched customer satisfaction.

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MMS isn’t a company built strictly on policies and rules, we have them and understand the importance, but we are also built on relationships. We understand people and believe that all people should be treated equally and fairly

MMS spends a great deal of time working safety. We know that having safe work practices are our first line of defense against safety risk. Safety is a team effort and MMS depends on the entire team to be part of our safety team. It’s our beliefs that create our safety culture.

MMS advertises internally all jobs available throughout all regions where we have fulltime work available. This is the case regardless of the position.

MMS can’t meet all needs of people related to special needs due to schedules, but we work together as a team and make efforts to provide relief where possible. We have a variety of shifts available at our many different customer sites that allow some flexibility. That flexibility can help people on a short- or long-term basis by working with team members and site leadership.

MMS pays for skills. We pay top money for high skill/experience and we reward those who take advantage of our internal training and those who seek external education. MMS is a long-term thinking company and employee retention is high on our list of priorities


An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a qualified retirement plan that makes the employees of MMS owners of stock in the company. ESOPs have unique features when compared to other retirement plans. First, an ESOP is required by law to invest primarily in the securities of the sponsoring employer.

MMS has set up an ESOP trust to which it makes annual contributions. In the case of
MMS, these contributions have been in the form of a 3% of pay fully vested contribution
known as a Safe Harbor Non-Elective Contribution. These contributions are allocated to individual employee accounts within the trust. The contributions may be made in Employer Stock, cash, or a combination thereof and are invested on your behalf by MMS.

Employees receive the vested portion of their accounts at; termination, disability,
death, or retirement. These distributions are made in cash and may be made in a lump
sum or in installments over a period of years depending on the total value of the
balance held on your behalf.

The MMS ESOP may distribute the value of your Employer Stock in “installment
distribution(s),” provided that it makes the payments in substantially equal amounts,
and over a period to start within one year for a separation from service and continuing on for a period of 5 years, unless a longer period of time is requested.
MMS must provide “adequate security” and adjust the value with gain and loss to the ESOP participant on the unpaid balance of an installment distribution. Benefits, when paid, are eligible for direct transfer to another qualified retirement plan or IRA, similar to your benefit options under the 401(k) plan.
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As with all tax-qualified employee benefit plans, contributions to the MMS ESOP is tax deductible to the sponsoring corporation up to certain limits. Similar to a 401(k) plan taxes are also deferred for the employee until they receive the vested portion of their accounts as explained above.

MMS hosts an on-line training program that covers a wide variety of maintenance related topics as detailed in the Course Catalog. Subjects in this catalog range from the basic, such as Hand Tools and Precision Measuring Tools, to the more complex areas of Planning and Scheduling or Computer and PLC Programming. New topics are also added on a regular basis to meet the growing need for machine repair technicians.

Instructor led classes are taught regularly on topics of Heat Treat Safety, Laser Alignment, Ball Bar Testing, Robotics, Computerized Numerical Control and Programmable Logic Controllers. 

Some MMS employees that have elected to take college level classes to improve their skills. MMS employees have an opportunity to receive tuition reimbursement for approved off shift classes up to $3000 per calendar year. These employee driven studies allow teach technician to enhance their skillsets in activities related to their current work assignments or expand skills needed for advancement. Employees may enroll in classroom studies at local institutions or choose to enroll with accredited online degree programs.


Each month Employees submit safety observations. Some observations are safety deficiencies that require action to correct. Other observations are actions taken by employees to maintain a safe environment. Those employees are recognized here as dedicated to the safety of their coworkers and customers alike. MMS values safe working conditions and those that promote the safety of themselves and those around them.

Recognized Employees of the Month

Every day MMS employee go the extra distance to provide value to customers. Recognizing employees for discovering and correcting critical discoveries. These are finds that are outside of the scope of work but are critical to the operation of our customers business. MMS extends thank you to those that demonstrate competence and expertise, a professional sprit.