Team Testimonials

Hear About MMS… from Our MMS Team Members!

Hear from our Newest MMS Team Members…

Brody Sours, associate for one year, says, “I heard about MMS opportunities on Indeed® and am so grateful it led me to MMS with different types of job opportunities. The positive experiences I’ve had, such as being taught and trained in multiple different categories, have been excellent – all while gaining lots of experience. The MMS approach involves everyone on the team as they challenge you to strive to do your best work. From day one, MMS has been such a good experience including a very detailed and understandable training with a strong focus on safety policies.”



Hear from our long-term MMS Team Members…

Dennis Zimmerman came to MMS with an electrical background. Starting as Project Manager, he was promoted to Sr. Project Manager and now General Manager. “I’ve managed the MMS maintenance contracts of Van Gorp®, Del Monte®, Cat® Undercarriage and Cat® SS Torque and Calibration. Managing these MMS contracts includes recruiting MMS team associates and leading cost savings for these customers. With the excellent leadership and coaching at MMS, I learned many sides of the business. At MMS we joke about hooking the fish and then get it in the boat. We have fished in big waters for a company our size, yet in my 8+ years, I’ve seen some big fish hooked. Then the challenge begins. Hiring, start-up and making improvements for a new contract customer is a challenge that’s very rewarding,” says Zimmerman. He used Staff Quick™, Talent Logic™, and Aerotek® to learn about MMS opportunities. “MMS has a strong focus on safety during training and teaching the MMS culture. I have personally taken many LMS (MMS internal training) classes as well as taught classes. What’s the best thing about MMS? The freedom to grow your career,” added Zimmerman.

Michael Townzend, Field Service Engineer & Technical Trainer for 6+ years, says, “MMS has given me opportunity to work on a remarkably broad range of equipment – in terms of equipment types and also OEM’s. MMS management knows that their top-tier service team can handle any challenge thrown at us. Consequently, we take on highly technical, complex challenges. Our management team stands alongside our service team supporting us internally and externally, knowing we will deliver beyond expectations. Onboarding was a smooth process with a tremendous emphasis on safety, which continues beyond early training into everyday operations. Personally, the decision to join MMS had a great deal to do with the right balance of home time versus road time. At MMS, I’ve also had the opportunity to broaden my knowledgebase on equipment in the various customer industries and I’ve enjoyed spending time training the up-coming technicians in the field.”

Shaun Renard, Maintenance Supervisor for 8+ years at MMS customer Van Gorp®, Pella IA, says, “For me, MMS has been a very family-oriented company. When employees are in a pinch or disaster strikes at home, they are always willing to lend a hand. If you need someone to talk to there is always a listening ear. They support their employees in every way possible. If I have a work problem that I cannot solve on my own, I reach out to other team members and get assistance either over the phone or with extra hands as needed. If help is being provided from corporate, the communication is excellent to ensure you understand and are comfortable with the solution. The onboarding training with a focus on safety practices are second to none. Policies are clear and MMS is always willing to improve them when something is presented to make it safer and better.” Discovering MMS on Facebook®, Renard added, “I value the MMS growth opportunity that nurtures a drive to succeed and grow and most of all I value the friendly environment. The MMS corporate team, whether they’ve worked with you side by side or it’s the first time meeting you, all treat you as an asset.”