MMS offers a variety of highly specialized training opportunities for the industrial technician and the customers that we serve. The environment of escalating technology drives the need for enhanced learning opportunities that can be provided by MMS to insure that our employees have the skill sets required to quickly diagnose and repair the complicated equipment used in the industry in a Safe manner. Class room offerings, taught by seasoned professionals, are provided as:

MMS is pleased to announce the launch of our cloud-based training platform, found at our new E-Learning Portal. Our online database is complete with safety, administrative, human-resources, management, technical, engineering, and product-specific focuses neatly categorized and carefully populated with a broad range of videos, presentations, lectures, documents, and quizzes to test your knowledge and improve your retention of learned materials. Our course catalog is publicly viewable, so please stop on by to see what we currently offer by clicking here! Our database is poised to continuously expand as new courses and materials are added.

For Employees who have received an account through our office, there is also an app for Android and IOS called TalentLMS. To login, simply enter mmsteam as the domain and then your full username and password in the boxes that follow.
All Manufacturing Maintenance Solutions training begins with the basics, Safety!!!
The MMS team strives to increase our customer’s profitability through extensive continuing education of our technical staff. MMS employees hone their skill-sets with up-to-the-minute technology to serve and satisfy the customer beyond their expectations.