Customers are Talking...

Gene Seemer, Plant Manager Superior Metals and Equipment, MMS Customer for 4+ years

“MMS has a great track record in diagnosing a problem and the quality of their repairs and service is next to none! We work with older equipment in my facility and the problems we have are never self-evident. MMS has the ability to take on these challenges and reverse course on a dime when other problems surface. When you run across an issue that needs a resolution fast – call the boys from Illinois! MMS has a safety-first focus with equipment and their team exhibits professionalism the whole time they are at my facility.”

Gerry Horton, Manufacturing Engineer, Caterpillar, East Peoria, IL, MMS Customer for 15+ years

“MMS took on installing our Line 4 main press for track assembly. One of the issues we had was the old supplier had neglected to service the older equipment correctly and timely. The press had obsolete press valving that prevented the press from meeting cycle time. The engineering team at MMS researched options and working with our Cat Maintenance team, developed a new replacement valve to retrofit. That process improvement for the press cycle time ended up shaving 15 seconds off a 65-second cycle time, providing a 23% cycle time improvement on press speed! This resulted in producing ~2 more chain per shift. The press was also more consistent and easier to troubleshoot and get spare parts for, reducing downtime if a failure occurred on the old valving.”