Refractory Services

MMS provides refractory brick, mortar, ceramic fiber, castable services as well as installation services to meet customer needs in multiple industries. MMS highly trained staff provide design, production, installation, and service for refractory related products.

Refractory materials are used in some high-intensity and highly industrial applications, requiring robust protective materials. These applications range from furnaces and kilns to incinerators, and even reactors. Refractories are used to make crucibles and similar uses like molds for casting glass, metals and for flame retardant and heat deflecting surfaces for even as high temperature as rocket launching structures.

MMS builds or repairs equipment such as furnaces, kilns, cupolas, boilers, converters, ladles, soaking pits and ovens, using refractory materials. We also measure furnace walls to determine dimensions and cut required number of sheets from plastic block, using saws.