Since 2002, MMS has lived up to our promise of providing maintenance for building and manufacturing with a highly trained workforce who are passionate about service excellence, performed with an Avetta-Certified Culture of Safety.

  • MMS Individual Maintenance Services – such as engineering, technical, millwright, facility maintenance and specific machine repair.
  • MMS Full-Service Contract Maintenance – offered for both Process Maintenance & Facility Maintenance.
    • Process Maintenance covers all your manufacturing facility equipment, such as equipment to make/move raw materials or finished products. It keeps your equipment in reliable working order to prevent unplanned downtime, including routine upkeep and corrective repair work.
    • Facilities Maintenance is complete wall-to-wall maintenance for your facility. Covers the building structure, roof, ventilation, and capital assets – including machinery, robotics, and commercial appliances such as boilers and HVAC.
    • Five primary service groups include Safety Services, Engineering Services, Mechanical Services, Technical Services & Training Services.

Trust your site-specific, MMS Road to Reliability.

Delivering maintenance support with sustainable results:

  • Designed to meet site goals.
  • Ensures asset performance.
  • Saves thousands of dollars per minute in avoided downtime.