Classroom & E-learning

Classroom & E-Learning Training

 All MMS Training begins with safety!

The MMS team strives to increase customer profitability through extensive continuing education of our technical staff. MMS Team Members hone their skill sets with up-to-the-minute technology to serve and satisfy the customer beyond their expectations.

 MMS offers a variety of highly specialized training for not only our industrial technician Team Members but also the customers that we serve. The environment of escalating technology drives the need for enhanced learning opportunities.  MMS to ensures their technicians have the skill sets required to quickly diagnose and repair the complicated equipment used in the industry in a safe manner.

Classroom offerings provided by MMS:

  • Taught by experienced professionals
  • On-Shift as formal class time or Lunch & Learn Opportunities
  • On/Off-Shift with Labs featuring hands on applications for specific product families
  • Self-Directed opportunities for motivated Team Members

MMS utilizes a cloud-based training platform – available to all Team Members on the MMS E-Learning Portal.

This online database is complete with safety, administrative, human-resources, management, technical, engineering, and product-specific courses neatly categorized and carefully populated with a broad range of videos, presentations, lectures, documents, and quizzes.