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Maintaining Your Success…

Manufacturing Maintenance Solutions is ready to build a site-specific, Road to Reliability® for your company – with sustainable results! MMS provides maintenance for buildings and manufacturing with a highly trained workforce who are passionate about service excellence. We are dedicated to best-in-class services, technology-based maintenance methodology, and unrivaled team performance. Our MMS Full-Service Contract Maintenance is offered for both Process Maintenance and Facility Maintenance – designed to meet site goals, ensuring asset performance and saving thousands of dollars per minute in avoided downtime.

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MMS Full-Service Contract Maintenance

Offered for both Process Maintenance and Facility Maintenance, it’s designed to meet site goals, ensuring asset performance and saving thousands of dollars per minute in avoided downtime.

Process Maintenance

Covers all your manufacturing facility equipment, such as equipment to make/move raw materials or finished products. It keeps your equipment in reliable working order to prevent unplanned downtime, including routine upkeep and corrective repair work.

Facilities Maintenance

Complete wall-to-wall maintenance for your facility. Covers the building structure, roof, ventilation, and capital assets – including machinery, robotics, and commercial appliances such as boilers and HVAC units.

Supporting Our Customer is CORE

From MMS Individual Services such as engineering or specific machine repair to MMS Full-Service Contract Maintenance, all work is performed with an Avetta-Certified Culture of Safety.

  • “Time after time MMS has stepped up to the plate when needed, and sometimes gone above and beyond.  Rich and everyone on his team are a part of the reason we are as successful as we are.”
    Nick DykstraGroup Manager, Caterpillar
  • “MMS has a great track record in diagnosing a problem and the quality of their repairs and service is next to none!”
    Gene SeemerPlant Manager Superior Metals and Equipment, MMS Customer for 4+ years
  • “We certainly appreciate the work your company has done for us, and we are extremely grateful for the quick response and excellent customer service we receive from MMS Team Members each time they are here."
    Seth PaulVice President, Director of Sales, Genesis III
  • "The engineering team at MMS researched options and working with our Cat Maintenance team, developed a new replacement valve resulting in a process improvement that shaved 15 seconds off a 65-second cycle time, providing a 23% cycle time improvement on press speed!"
    Gerry HortonManufacturing Engineer, Caterpillar, East Peoria, IL, MMS Customer for 15+ years

Safety First!

MMS Takes Pride In Having an Avetta-Certified Culture of Safety.